Episode 5

Published on:

10th Jun 2020

F*ck The Police? They Already Are F*cked

No need to shout, "F*ck the Police!" The police are already f*cked. In the midst of the strongest anti-police protests in our nation's history, Dale The Cop peels back some of the layers of the cop world that you have never heard about and might not even believe.

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David Ross

A straight white guy who comes from a family of 9 adopted kids: 4 white, 3 black, and 2 asian. David went to The Evergreen State College while working as a grocery checker to pay for it. He did heavy manual labor building roof trusses when his dad was a successful contractor and developer. David chose not to go into that field, despite the financial security it would have guaranteed. He worked for about 10 years in psychiatric social work doing homeless outreach, crisis intervention, and substance abuse treatment. He has spent the past couple decades in documentary filmmaking, as a college faculty, a yoga instructor, and personal trainer. David is a small business owner, a Cub Scout volunteer, and a single dad with a young child. He shoots guns, lifts weights, rides bikes, and teaches self-defense. David went to Obama's inauguration for his honeymoon. He's been a progressive liberal and a liberated conservative.